How We Built High Quality Backlinks At Scale Using Personalization

Our Results Using This Strategy

But Wait…What Is A Backlink?

By Hang Ten SEO

Create Link Worthy Content

Use The Skyscraper Model

Hiring Content Writers

Get Domains (That Will Backlink To You) From Ahrefs

  • link type = blogs only
  • language = english
  • link type = do-follow backlinks.

Finding Contact Information Of Target Websites

Finding Lead Info Manually

Using Hunter’s Author Finder Tool

Outsourcing Lead Generation Process

Using Personalization in Your Emails

Campaign Breakdown

Subject Lines

Email Body

Responses We’ve Gotten Using Personalization

Some Ways You Can Personalize Emails

  • Add memes
  • Use gifs
  • A picture of you holding your cat or dog with a note

Tracking Your Results




Co-founder at Pixelied

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