It’s 2021 and content is still king.

Whether you’re a solo founder or a business trying to generate your first sale, there’s no excuse not to create content.

It’s a great way to generate leads and build your brand.

But creating content alone isn’t going to cut it.

Today, 7.5…

I’ve seen many indie product creators or team members work on their product/SaaS for months and after developing it, they mostly don’t know how to get their first beta testers.

Getting your first early users is probably one of the most daunting tasks for most of the people unless you…

So you’re wondering if you want to focus your creative energy into a career in graphic designing. Here are a few industry statistics related to graphic design; according to Finances Online, the total revenue generated by the US graphic design industry in 2019 is $15 billion. …

When it comes to online graphic design tools, Canva is one of the most well-recognized names. From infographics to masterpieces for social media, it lets you create iconic visuals with a few clicks. However, at times, it just doesn’t cut it, and knowing a few Canva alternatives can help.


Dawood Khan

Co-founder at Pixelied

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